Do you believe in luck?
Come try your luck in our event.
E-Tambola with which comes a lot of twist and fun.
Eager to see you guys in our event.


  • This event consists of two rounds with two members per team. The first round consists of 10 questions given in a sheet of paper. Then Tambola tickets are given and 10 random numbers are displayed  on the screen. There will be some numbers given in the tambola ticket and if the number matches the questions then you have to solve it and after solving strike of the number in the ticket. Like that we will repeat 10 random numbers. Then, we will collect the tickets and correct the answers and also we will cross check the tickets too and the teams with the highest marks will be selected for the next round. The questions given are basic questions so that anyone can participate.
  • The second round will be the same but the questions will be more difficult than the first round, so basically it is purely based on your luck and the amount of knowledge you have so we can have fun as well as learn something new.

Event coordinators:
Vaibhav Jaiswal - +91 9652032914
Shraddha Patange - +91 7337252127